REV12CS29 : NIGHT HAG - Live 27-12-11

Code : REV12CS29
Title : NIGHT HAG - Live 27-12-11
Format : Cassette/Tape
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Release Date : January 2012
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Album Info : Recorded Live at RADIO ADELAIDE 27/12/2011. Total 8 songs taken from their TBR Monolith Records 2012 and Gilded Age EP.
Review : review of their Gilded Age : NIGHT-HAG; "What’s drawing me into this black hole of chaos, what’s pulling me into this worm hole of nothingness? It’s the unseen force of Night Hag…this band is sonic murder in action. Their 2011 release, Gilded Age, out via Capitalgames Records, is a blackened head fuck that the whole of humanity should experience. If I break it down to the nitty gritty, they have created an album that is 9 songs of havok meant to torment the darkest parts of our being & they do a damn good job at it! Night Hag’s songs are audio bad weather that never let’s up, but they have the groove of a Southern black college marching band possessed by the spirits of the underworld. These dudes also have songwriting skills that bring the death blow to every tune on this album. When you hear a Night Hag composition, the vibe of haunted fury will over take your reality, and not even the might of the corporate giants will be able to stand up to your wrath. I guess you could call their music scorched earth hardcore infused with stench hate black metal…that sort of describes how rad this band is. Unholy hell, these dudes have riffs that could make legless humans slam dance – it’s like their riffage is speaking it’s own language. You don’t even want to get me started on the vocalist, whose screams are oven-roasted death served for us all to devour. When you allow them to tie you up in their melodic madness, then you will start to realize you are listening to the real black magic! Here is a test – put on their song “Cynic”: if you don’t start heading banging instantly, something must be wrong, run to to your nearest doctor, you just might need an injection of metallic hardcore. Now you should be straight, Night Hag is my new drug of choice, who needs weed when you can have sonic speed!" -