REV12CS27 : PROTESTANT - Stalemate

Code : REV12CS27
Title : PROTESTANT - Stalemate
Format : Cassette/Tape
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Release Date : January 2012
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Album Info : New EP after their last judgements album. This is yet another good dark hardcore band around.
Review : Halo of Flies delivers another fine slab of wax, this time it's the new 10" from Milwaukee punk powerhouse PROTESTANT. 10" records are always something special as they are still somewhat rare but often the perfect size, a little longer than a 7", but no filler like on an LP, just get to business and grind it out cuz you only have 10". It's not the size, but rather how you use it. PROTESTANT have packed this record full of blazing, heavy, dark, crusty hardcore punk. They stay more on the hardcore punk end of the crust spectrum than they do the metal end. With that they have a very thick sound that is led by a dual guitar attack that really helps fill out their sound. Tasteful melodies are intertwined with the punishingly heavy rhythm section while the vocals are gruffly shouted over top of the din. The backup vocals add an extra level of urgency to this bands vicious punk attack. All in the musicianship is incredibly solid. I am sure this unit would absolutely crush in a live setting. The lyrics are dark and desperate. In the insert they state the lyrics are about death...the world is a violent place and we take solace in our punk culture and DIY society, but even there death manages to infiltrate destroying communities, scenes, and more. We often allow it or even invite in with our own greed and elitist attitudes. The DIY punk scene is not above it's hypocrisies, I have found myself in this very conversation many times. Lyrically this seems to be what PROTESTANT is addressing in the guise of death. I don't think I am too far off from their intent... Again, this is a solid plate of dark hardcore and a welcome addition to any punk rock record collection. -