REV11CS28 : TUSSOCK - Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation

Code : REV11CS28
Title : TUSSOCK - Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation
Format : Cassette/Tape
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 100 copies
Release Date : March 2011
Status : SOLD OUT
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Review : Totally raw political grindcrustcore! This release brings my memory back to the early millennium where everybody is playing crusty music, releases a demo or EP, played in gig and then split up. Tussock is not an exceptional, after a long sleep, they are now unpacking their gears to start grinding again. Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation is their latest offering in which I personally assume it was a live recording. I really like the ambient, the bass is booming the stereo while the killer deep and sore throat are throbbing my ears! The guitar is dry but to the point, no nonsense solo and bullshit. The only setback is about their drummer’s tightness, he need to consume lots of manjakani, kidding! - Rice Factory Zine