REV11CS24 : FAMILY MAN - Discography

Code : REV11CS24
Title : FAMILY MAN - Discography
Format : Cassette/Tape
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Release Date : June 2011
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Album Info : Seriously rocking archaic hardcore-punk band from Germany's capital city Berlin featuring members of ATOMGEVITTER. This is quality hardcore-punk. No metal here, no chugga chugga, no double bass, no cheesey riffs, no forcing melody down our throats like many modern hardcore bands today. This is fast classic hardcore-punk with a few modern twists. They manage to mix various older styles of punk and hardcore and come up with this. Fans of BLACK FLAG, BLAST and early rockin NERVE AGENTS or KILL YOUR IDOLS will lap this up. This is the way hardcore is supposed to sound! Tape contain both first and second full length CD/LP.
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