REV10CS17 : SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Vinyl Collection 1995-2001

Code : REV10CS17
Title : SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Vinyl Collection 1995-2001
Format : Cassette/Tape
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 200 Copies (Collaboration with Raw Grind Freaks)
Release Date : May 2010
Status : SOLD OUT
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Album Info : Slight Slappers are a fucking fast powerviolence band hailing from Tokyo, Japan since 1995. They play some hectic tight treble induced grind, the singer has a mighty screachy voice on him. Yet still very very good melodies and song stuctures, really interesting. You wont hear any breakdowns here, nothing but the best for this band. If you miss the CD, this tape is a must!
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