Code : REV09VL01
Format : 7"
Price : SOLD OUT
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Release Date : May 2010
Status : SOLD OUT
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Album Info : The first ever vinyl release by our label. Available for South East Asia Distribution.
Review : This is probably what they call lazy 'journalism' but I just can't help comparing Fanzui Xiangfa with a certain Swedish band that went by the name Demon System 13. It is the kind of hardcore you associate with bandana and skateboard. Thrashcore? Well if you want to be anal about it, yes you can call it that way. Oh yeah, one of the band member is from Umea, Sweden and used to be in some semi well known band. You can thank me if any of that trivial stuff can actually save your life. It would be killer if they can just stick to one thing but maybe they just can’t decide it yet. As long as they can keep the circle pit busy, no one will be complaining, right? Daighila on the flipside present their take on what I would call destructo-core. There's a little of hardcore, skramz and metal thrown in the mix. The OTT screaming vocals will either drive you into eternal orgasm or maddening rage. Whatever it is, you either like it or not. These guys are pretty raging live and it’s good to at least experience half of it on this piece of wax. If this split was actually a steel cage match, DAIGHILA definitely wins it without any doubt. But since this is not some competition, who the fuck cares? These dudes are upset with a lot of things in life and it is reflected pretty accurately on the two tracks they presented on this slab of vinyl. Hardcore. - Dead Pigs