REV09MC13 : KRUPSKAYA - Viral Dissipation Discography

Code : REV09MC13
Title : KRUPSKAYA - Viral Dissipation Discography
Format : Cassette/Tape & CDR (DVD Box)
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 100 copies
Release Date : January 2010
Status : SOLD OUT
Packaging : 
Album Info : Discography tape with 75 songs taken from all of their back releases and also from future releases ; Sandokahn - Split 12", Kill  A Celebrity - Split CD, Black Sister - Split 7", 100 Band Comp 7" Unreleased, One Way Ticket To Hell - Compilation CD, Fast Core - Tape, Trendy Bastard - Split 7", Symbiosis Through Decay - 7", Unreleased Compilation Tracks- Demo, Clouds Over Pripyat - CD, December 2005 Demo. CDR come with DVD packaging with less songs from the tape, in which offer 35 songs. Co-release with Make Me Sick Tapes which come with limited quantity. Less than 40 copies each available after their Viral Dissipation tour.
Review : KRUPSKAYA is a new band from Stoke area of the UK comprised of members of FUCK HATE PROPAGANDA, KZCH and SKINCHEESE. Musically they play brutally in-your-face and chaotic brand power-violence / grindcore blowing through 18 songs in 18 minutes! Musically there are a lot of similarities to DISCORDANCE AXIS or DROPDEAD on crack. Lyrics are all political and punk as fuck with the title track referring to the city of Pripyat in the Ukraine, which ahd to be completely abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster. Quite fitting title consider the a possible nuclear meltdown this CD may cause to your stereo, speakers, and/or brain!