Code : REV09MC09
Title : QUEST OF QUASAR - Nok-Tur-Nal
Format : Cassette/Tape & Mini CD
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 250 Copies MC / 50 Copies CD (Collaboration with Bullwhip Records)
Release Date : October 2009
Status : SOLD OUT
Packaging : 100 Red/100 White/50 Yellow/50 Transparent
Album Info : 
Review : This is pretty much what you might get if you mix some His Hero Is Gone/Uranus dark and heavy type of hardcore with some French scream/emo. It is heavy, dark and emotive with just a little bit of metal thrown in the mix. It is a pretty volatile mix of modern hardcore and will serve as a good soundtrack for the upcoming apocalypse. No joke. You don’t play this to get the people dancing happily on the dance floor. You play this to get people all pumped up about the end of this fucked up world. With all the bullshit that happening around us, who wouldn’t get pumped about the Armageddon? - Dead Pigs Zine