REV09MC08 : THRASH OHOOII!! - Demo 2009

Code : REV09MC08
Title : THRASH OHOOII!! - Demo 2009
Format : Cassette/Tape
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 300 copies (Collaboration with Cactus Records)
Release Date : January 2009
Status : SOLD OUT
Packaging : 100 Red / 100 Green / 100 Transparent
Album Info : 
Review : This band explodes in a cacophony of drums but knows how to keep the thrash pounding right along without a self-defeating glitch. This is just hardcore done right. These guys have the call and response verse and choruses scream songcraft down. These were just thirteen good songs that went by too fast, but that’s okay because the B-side of the tape repeats it all again. –N.L. Dewart (Razorcake)
Leave it to Malaysia to kick out the jams with some sick fucking thrash. From the demo's title of Blasting Your Silly Head, to the cover image of a guy's head exploding from within, to lyrics like " We urge for all ages crew / We force for all ages crew / ALL AGES CREW", to covers of WHAT HAPPEN NEXT? and DS-13, these guys have all their bases covered. Another outstanding addition to the history of Southeast Asian thrash and hardcore. Killer. - xYosefx (MRR)