REV09MC06 : SISTA SEKUNDEN - Dont Blame Us

Code : REV09MC06
Title : SISTA SEKUNDEN - Dont Blame Us
Format : Cassette/Tape
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 80/200 (Co-release with Atonal Microtonal)
Release Date : August 2009
Status : SOLD OUT
Packaging : 50 Red & 50 White & 50 Yellow & 50 Transparent
Album Info : 
Review : "SISTA SEKUNDEN shows Sweden once more how it can be fun to play hardcore, recycling OUTLASTS old saying "Positive hardcore positive youth" there follow-up to there debute record is way more melodic and with more chorus and sing-a-long parts. They have collected just as much influences from CAREER SUICIDE, OUTLAST of course and even early DESCENDENTS. This is the best record with modern hardcore out of Sweden since OUTLASTS above mentioned album - perhaps even better then that now classic record. The thing that relly makes SISTA SEKUNDEN to stick out is that they sing in swedish. SISTA SEKUNDEN brings energy and positivity back in the hardcore scene. 13 really good tracks (included a DESENDENTS cover  sung in swedish). Vinyl version shows amazing artwork with hot foil print and full color sleeve and black print on the inside of the jacket. A modern classic!" - WASTED SOUNDS RECORDS