REV09MC05 : THE BLINDS - On Our own

Code : REV09MC05
Title : THE BLINDS - On Our own
Format : Cassette/Tape
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 40/100 (Co-release with Atonal Microtonal)
Release Date : November 2009
Status : SOLD OUT
Packaging : 50 White & 50 Red
Album Info : 
Review : The Blinds are a 4 piece punk band from Upsalla, Sweden and they are here to kill. Consisting of all 16 to 17 year old members, they have the youthful energy to destroy everything. Think early US punk/hardcore like GERMS, BLACK FLAG, CIRCLE JERKS or REAGAN YOUTH mixed with Japanese hardcore like LIPCREAM. The recording quality is excellent and the guitar sound is perfect, with a lot of fuzz and treble. This is perhaps on of the best LPs in this genre so faar!! - Offside Records