REV09CD03 : HELLOWAR - On The March To The Final Doom

Code : REV09CD03
Title : HELLOWAR - On The March To The Final Doom
Format : CD
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Pressing Info : 1000
Release Date : November 2009
Status : Still Available
Packaging : Trifold with insert and A3 size poster
Album Info : The new album from Hellowar featuring 6 new songs with bonus 15 songs from their previous EP. Hailing from Jakarta/Tangerang, Indonesia, HELLOWAR plays a style of metallic crust hardcore (read: "neo-crust") not unlike TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, BLACK DOVE, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, and such. Comes with full colour artwork gatefold packaging and a live video set! Also comes with free limited A3 sized poster!
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