REV08MC01 : M:40 - Historiens Svarta Vingslag

Code : REV08MC01
Title : M:40 - Historiens Svarta Vingslag
Format : Cassette/Tape
Price : SOLD OUT
Pressing Info : 80/300 copies (Collaboration with Bullwhip Records & Pissed Off Records)
Release Date : May 2008
Status : SOLD OUT
Tape Color : Clear
Album Info : Crust/hardcore from Lidköping. Twelve songs of total fury! Full length album recorded at HoboRec, Jönköping. The songs are mixed with slower parts, which keeps the record as a whole interesting and focused. As on a prime note; crustpunk has never - and will never be - better than this. Think Totalt Jävla Mörker mixed with Neurosis!
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